Spotlight – Solve, Case Management

SOMA Solve is Case Management on the SOMA Platform. It is an app that sits on top of all other platform apps, organizing users around records and task assignments. SOMA Solve is completely configurable to handle any type of investigation.

Spotlight – Evidence App & Management

New Evidence App and Evidence Management, for collection-to-destruction chain-of-custody with barcode scanning and bulk check-out/in, transfer and destruction.

Spotlight – Jail Intake & Booking

SOMA Booking is the newest app to the SOMA Platform that streamlines the Jail Intake and booking process. The goal is SOMA Booking is to get arresting officers back out on the street faster, in a predictable amount of time.

Spotlight – Fire Records/NFIRs Support

Fire Records and NFIRs Compliance, is included with the SOMA Records boilerplate record types to integrate and configure for fire support.

Spotlight – Records Maps, Stats & Analysis

SOMA Records navigation and data analysis has recently been revamped and expanded to include a bunch of new features: Integrated Records Maps, Configurable Records Stats, Calendar-based Records Display, Sync to ESRI Feature Layers

Spotlight – Records Management Diagramming

Diagrams can be added to any record schema, with a per agency, per record diagram toolset. Crash diagrams, crime scene diagrams, injury diagrams or any diagramming imagined is now possible.

Spotlight – Computer-Aided Dispatch Command Line

First in a series of “Spotlights” – detailed posts on a new or upcoming feature in the SOMA Platform. We are starting at the top – with our new Command Line feature in SOMA Dispatch.