We are incredibly proud that more than 50% of the SOMA team has direct experience in public safety operations and public safety technology. These combined years of mission-critical expertise enable us to effectively collaborate with our partners in driving the necessary transformation with their software solutions. In addition, we have industry talent from various backgrounds, including former dispatchers, chiefs, deputy chiefs, communication supervisors, firefighters, and other sworn and non-sworn positions.

Nick Stohlman

Former DEA, Chief Investigator, Under Sheriff

Ashley O'Bier

Former Communications Supervisor of Lancaster Sheriff’s Office, VA

Kevin Young

Former Commander of tactical Response Team of Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, VA

Kyle Williams

Former Captain of Administration of Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, VA

Chris Nunley

Former Chief of Police of The City of Signal Hill, Los Angeles, CA

Steven Querry

Former Police Systems Support Analyst of Anaheim, CA

Gabe Stohlman, Jr Software Engineer

Gabe Stohlman

Active volunteer firefighter/first responder of Oak City, North Carolina
Patrick Higgins - Platform Specialist

Patrick Higgins

Former Deputy Sheriff of San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

Celeste Sippel, Software Engineer

Celeste Sippel

Former Firefighter City of Seaside Fire Department

Hamzah Amer Director of Experience Engineering

Hamzah Amer

Former Detention Deputy of Alachua County Sheriff’s Office

Having employees who genuinely understand the needs of our partners is very important. People’s lives depend on public safety professionals and their ability to respond and react to situations effectively and quickly – playing a part in serving that great mission is an honor and privilege.
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of the SOMA Team has direct, prior public safety or public safety technology experience.
“A dispatcher’s best day can turn into the worst in a moment. It is not their emergency, but it is for the person on the other end of the phone. Every call is part of you, and it is your heart that doesn’t let you fail at being there for them in their emergency. It is not a job, it is a calling.”
Ashley O’Bier
Support Desk Analyst
Our vision is to positively impact the world, one partner agency at a time. We at SOMA understand that achieving transformation for our partners requires a culture of constant motion and education. Exploring new technologies, being ready to handle any challenge at a moment’s notice, and mastering consistency in an ever-changing world is what it takes to get there. SOMA is equipped to do precisely this.

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