Spotlight – Jail Intake & Booking

SOMA Booking is the newest app to the SOMA Platform that streamlines the Jail Intake and booking process. The goal of SOMA Booking is to get arresting officers back out on the street faster, in a predictable amount of time.

The SOMA Booking app accomplishes this goal with a number of features:

  • Starts in SOMA Mobile – The speedy path to booking starts further upstream in SOMA’s mobile dispatch app, SOMA Mobile.  Offenders can be added to a CAD call, either by the dispatcher, by any responding unit or by adding to a CAD call directly from an NCIC query.
  • No Offender Re-Entry – All of that information about the offender from the CAD call automatically is copied into the SOMA Booking app with a single-click, without any data re-entry.
  • Easy Data Intake – Additional intake information is easily collected with a smart form that gathers risks, charge information and can even copy charges from outstanding warrants into the active booking record.
  • Booking Queue Visibility – Once the booking process has started (from the SOMA Mobile CAD call), it is added to a real-time booking queue.  The booking queue estimates time to arrival at the sally port (based on AVL), time to process (based on risks and resources required to handle those risks) and active bookings ahead in the queue.  The system then estimates a time to back-in-service that can be reported back into CAD for unit availability transparency.
  • Resource Notification – While collecting information about risks, the system can be configured to notify resources required in advance (extra backup if combative, medical if injured, etc.)
  • Integrates to JMS – When the booking is finished, it will drop straight into SOMA Jail or integrate into another JMS System.

Check out the short video below on our new app, SOMA Booking.

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