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Built for Public Safety

SOMA Global is a leading technology partner providing critical response & operating software solutions for law enforcement, first responder, and government agencies.

SOMA is bringing a new transformation era with its unified platform, including critical-response software and interoperability, incident management, courts & corrections, and administrative suites.

We empower our partners to build safer, more resilient communities through modern technology.

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The SOMA Global ecosystem is built from the ground up on a modern technology stack, deployed securely in the cloud (in partnership with AWS) with a fresh user interface that is user-friendly and device-agnostic. Our intelligent pre-built applications and solutions are built to empower every agency to solve complex software modernization challenges.

Building Innovation.

Empowering Safety.

Fostering Community.

Empowering public safety and government agencies to build safer, more resilient communities through modern technology. That is our mission.

SOMA Global Platform Ecosystem


Since 2017, SOMA Global has been on a mission to connect the world of public safety with the technology they deserve. Today, partners leverage our platform that brings a new era of transformation to the public safety domain allowing agencies to rapidly solve technology challenges without lengthy development times, the need for teams of engineers, or costly budgets. SOMA is empowering public safety innovation through pre-built application suites, data interoperability, and solutions toolkits.


The SOMA Partner Journey is the path an agency Partner embarks on from beginning to end. Together, we will deliver a cloud-native, highly configurable, and accessible solution to meet your agency and community needs.

The objective is to provide a guiding framework that increases the satisfaction of SOMA Global agencies, partners, and affiliates. This path is both a living and visual journey of your experience with SOMA; it demonstrates how your team will move through each phase of interaction and how we will optimize your knowledge and ensure mutual partnership success.

"After four years of working with SOMA Global, I’m proud to share that not only were we their first client, we still feel like their only partner."
Sheriff Kidd
Buckingham County Sheriff’s Office

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