Our Story

In 2017, we paired our vision with natively-built technology to accomplish an ambitious goal: to empower front-line professionals with the necessary technology they deserve to improve operational efficiency and, ultimately, save lives. The idea struck after years of watching innovation struggle within the public sector.

After our CPO, Peter Quintas, navigated through a few startups, he became part of a group that acquired a public safety technology company. After spending a few years working on that project, he rejoined the space nearly a dozen years later, knowing that law enforcement and first responders were underserved due to aging technology and legacy vendors. He and his co-founder, Nick Stohlman, realized public safety deserved better.

The pairing of Peter and Nick’s experience was the perfect backdrop for bringing forth necessary modernization within public safety. They formed a friendship, mission, and business and remain determined never to stop until the task is complete.

Our platform evolved into what it is today with a collaborative approach with those who understand it best; our public safety partners. We partnered with four large agencies of varying types (state, county, local, and campus) to ensure our system could withstand serving all types. Coincidentally this had much broader implications rooting back to our country’s founding. The 10th Amendment says that the federal government only has those powers delegated in the Constitution – if it isn’t listed, it belongs to the states or the people. This created a divergent and complex set of requirements to support the nuances of state and local laws that we firmly believe the SOMA Platform solves.

So we made it our mission to bring modernization in a more configurable, accessible, and cost-effective way.

Peter Quintas & Nick Stohlman

“SOMA Global is reinventing how public safety technology operates. People’s behaviors have changed, so it’s time their technology does too. Thanks to our great partners & dedicated team, we now have the opportunity to move from age-old software solutions to cloud-native, connected, & intuitive solutions for our public safety partners around the nation.”

Peter Quintas,

SOMA GLOBAL Future-Proof Platform

SOMA Global is a leading technology provider of critical-response & operating software solutions for government agencies. SOMA’s cloud-native platform empowers state and local safety organizations with a secure and unified ecosystem of pre-built application suites and intuitive automation tools to help our partners focus on what matters most-fulfilling their mission to protect the communities they serve with optimal effectiveness and trust.

SOMA Global Platform