SOMA Mobile is built with law enforcement, firefighters, and first responder safety at the forefront. Ensuring our frontlines get the most accurate, real-time information available to control the variables of an incident is the primary operational focus of the Mobile application.
  • Mobile-Ready
  • Distraction-less Driving
  • Mobile Command
  • Full Integration Abilities

Mobile extends access to its powerful feature set to all emergency responders in an intuitive interface across MDT, Android, iOS smartphone and tablet devices.

Mobile Ready

SOMA Dispatch extends access to its powerful feature set to all emergency responders in a seamless intuitive interface on your MDT, Android, iOS smartphone and tablet device. You can take advantage of silent dispatch, messaging and create self-initiated calls for service. Mobile is also integrated to our powerful mapping tools.

Mobile Command

Whether responding to an emergency situation or managing an incident from a mobile command center, Dispatch Mobile helps agencies do their jobs quickly, safely and with confidence. We support a variety of mobile devices including MDTs, smartphones and tablets for a flexible set of deployment options.

Distraction-less Driving

Dispatch Mobile is customizable with an intuitive interface, including voice command functionality and text to speech. It accelerates data entry, inquiry and retrieval. When a responder unit is en-route to an incident, DDM (Distraction-less Driving Mode) is activated for responder and other motorist safety.

Fully Integrated

Dispatch Mobile utilizes AVL integration with mapping for real-time unit and call updates. Superior incident command functionality enables effective resource management in the field. Incident timers are activated by dispatcher or responder for full accountability and to help monitor responder needs and safety.

SOMA GLOBAL Critical-Response Ecosystem.

SOMA Global is a leading technology provider of critical-response & operating software solutions for government agencies. SOMA’s cloud-native platform empowers state and local safety organizations with a secure and unified ecosystem of pre-built application suites and intuitive automation tools to help our partners focus on what matters most-fulfilling their mission to protect the communities they serve with optimal effectiveness and trust.

SOMA Global Platform