Spotlight – Computer-Aided Dispatch Command Line

Recently, we announced a number of new features deployed to our Cloud-Based Dispatch and Records Management Platform.  Although we regularly deploy new features to our  “Public Safety as a Service” (PSAAS™) Platform, this year we have been super busy.  

Since the beginning of the year the SOMA Team has released:

Today we start a series of “Spotlights” – detailed posts on a new or upcoming feature in the SOMA Platform.  We are starting at the top – with our new Command Line feature in SOMA Dispatch.

The core of our Command Line feature is a configurable grammar matching any vendor’s prior command line for no new training.  It is our goal to keep our users as efficient as possible – building a system that defaults as no new training is important.

Continuing along the line of keeping our users efficient, here are examples of commands dispatchers can map and use in the system:

  • New Call (nc) – A new call an be initiated with a call type (nature code), an address (which the system geo-validates), an initial narrative and optionally a license plate (which the system does an automatic NCIC lookup).
  • Call Comment (cc) – A call comment can be added to any call, anytime.  Call comments can include hyperlinks to external comments and optionally be delivered to users via SMS.
  • Dispatch Units (du) – Multiple units can be dispatched simply by listing their unit numbers.  Optionally all “suggested” units from a configurable “dispatch plan” (SOP) can be sent at once with a few short keystrokes.
  • Change Status (cs) – Update unit status on any call, noting their new status and any additional information relevant to that status change – for example the destination for a transport.
  • Clear Unit (cu) – Clear any unit in a snap including any disposition code configured in the system.
  • Clear All (ca) – Clear all units and operators from the call in one sweep in a single command.
  • Join Call (jc) – Join or swap to any call in the call stack or on the board to start working the call in our robust Active Call Dashboard.

Check out the short video below highlighting our Command Line.

The Command Line can be used from any module in SOMA Dispatch – the Active Call Dashboard or in the Calls/Units Monitor applications.  This gives dispatchers the flexibility to have these powerful commands while focused on working a single call, or while working multiple calls at the same time.

Of course, all Command Line features are permissioned so that it follows the same access control model as the related “point-and-click” feature.  Your agency is in full control of Command Line actions.

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