Our Culture

At SOMA, we are radically passionate about embracing new ideas. We consistently challenge ourselves to create great work, even if that means breaking the mold. We lead with integrity and excellence, advocating for ourselves, one another, and our partners.

Our collective mission is to mitigate the innovation friction for our partners and their communities.

Our culture is partner-forward, and we know that collaboration and inspiration are the keys to winning. We are proud of what we are building together.

Core Values

SOMA is guided by key principles: partner obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for innovation, commitment to operational excellence, and genuine thought leadership. SOMA strives to be the nation’s most partner-centric organization and public safety’s industry-leading thought leader and all-in-one software solution.

Radically Passionate

  • Embracing new ideas with curiosity, imagination, careful analysis, and intuition is intrinsic to our approach. We are not afraid of the unknown and consistently challenge ourselves to create great work, even if that means breaking the mold.

Lead with Integrity

  • We are steadfast in our beliefs. Advocating for ourselves, one another, and our partners means more than just being present. We say what we do, do what we say, and always follow through.
  • Constructive dialogue is welcomed, everyone should be heard and make an impact.

Inspire Excellence

  • To bring great technology to life, you need the perfect balance of durability, value, consistency, and acute attention to detail. Tenacity in execution breeds success. It’s ok to make mistakes. If you aren’t making mistakes, you aren’t learning. Excellence starts with the people in the organization.

Employee First Culture

  • Involving and empowering one another is the SOMA way.
  • We come together to discuss ideas, share insights, solve problems, and tackle any obstacle. We work through tension with mutual respect and a unified goal.

Outcome Oriented

  • Continue evaluating progress to reach goals and reflect on hitting/missing goals.
  • Problems and obstacles to reaching goals should not be tolerated and must be transparent and urgently dealt with in an honest and collaborative manner.
“At SOMA, our incredible team is the heart and soul of our organization, defining our unique identity! We wholeheartedly embrace core values such as respect, appreciation, and empathy, which are the building blocks of our culture. We are deeply committed to nurturing leaders across various SOMA teams, empowering them to take ownership through open and honest communication, fostering trust every step of the way. Our unwavering dedication to a purposeful and forward-thinking mission is the driving force behind our ability to create profound and positive transformations for those we have the privilege to serve.”

Nikki Vegenski
Chief Marketing and Client Officer

Partners, People, & Participation