Computer-Aided Dispatch


SOMA Dispatch sets the bar for a new operational command standard in computer-aided dispatch (CAD).

Given the consistent demands of a 911 dispatch center continually growing, SOMA has built a highly visual, automation-capable, communication-centric application with the dispatcher’s workload in mind.

As a result, dispatch optimizes analytical data-driven dispatch suggestions and decreases time to dispatch while lowering the cognitive load of a dispatcher, bringing about a healthier workforce.

Dispatcher on Computer

Advanced Technology

Unrivaled cloud architecture, configurable user interface and robust administrative control. Built on an industry-leading, disaster-tolerant architecture right out of the box.

Multi-Agency Interoperability

Operates in multi-jurisdictional or multi-agency environments and is ready to help navigate next gen 9-1-1.

Device Agnostic

Extends access to its powerful feature set across your MDT, Android, iOS smartphone and tablet devices enabling silent dispatch, messaging, and self-initiated calls for service.

Smart Mapping

SOMA offers the power of ESRI base mapping and more modern map alternatives. Dispatch Maps are fast and precise, meeting the demands of the 9-1-1 center and public safety professionals

SOMA GLOBAL Critical-Response Ecosystem.

SOMA Global is a leading technology provider of critical-response & operating software solutions for government agencies. SOMA’s cloud-native platform empowers state and local safety organizations with a secure and unified ecosystem of pre-built application suites and intuitive automation tools to help our partners focus on what matters most-fulfilling their mission to protect the communities they serve with optimal effectiveness and trust.

SOMA Global Platform