Spotlight – Evidence App & Management

SOMA Records has always featured Evidence Management. Recently, the SOMA Platform released an upgrade to Evidence Management, including a new native Evidence App.

Evidence Management in SOMA Records features robust functionality:

  • Starts in Incident Reports – Evidence management starts upstream as property is added to an incident report.  Once marked for evidence, all transfers are recorded before the evidence is submitted to permanent storage.  Once submitted to permanent storage, all prior transfer activity and chain-of-custody is transferred into the permanent record.
  • Customizable Labels – Customize your own evidence labels at any size, including barcoding for easy evidence management.
  • New Native Evidence App – Once labeled, utilize a new native Evidence App to browse evidence, view evidence details or perform bulk actions on evidence like: Move, Transfer and Destroy.

Check out the short video below on our new Evidence App and Evidence Management in SOMA Records.

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