Spotlight – Solve, Case Management

SOMA Solve is Case Management on the SOMA Platform.  It is an app that sits on top of all other platform apps, organizing users around records and task assignments.  SOMA Solve is completely configurable to handle any type of investigation. The power in SOMA Solve is rooted in a configurable set of case tags.

Case tags allow:

  • Assignment of cases to permission-based investigative units.
  • An association of any record types with a case tag.
    For example, tag a case “Use-of-Force” and related use-of-force forms are instantly available in the case.
  • A default list of tasks for a case tag.
    For example, tag a case “Rape” and a default list of tasks around gathering evidence, DNA and lab results are stubbed into the case for assignment.

Case type and tag configurability make SOMA Solve endlessly extensible and flexible.  Cases are initiated directly from incident reports with a click, copying all the related records into the case on creation.  Any master records and base criminal records can be associated with any case. Case notes and uploads from be attached to the case and notes can be dictated using integrated voice recognition.

Check out the short video below on our SOMA Solve, robust Case Management.

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