Spotlight – Records Management Diagramming

In this Spotlight, we will introduce the new Browser-based Diagramming added to SOMA Records.  

SOMA Records is one of the most powerful apps in the SOMA Platform.  Each record type in SOMA Records is based on a configurable record schema that can be customized via drag-and-drop form building – Agencies can even create your own record schemas too!

This insanely robust configurability, came as a directly result of the countless stories we have heard from agencies time-and-time again, “Our current vendor quoted us WAY to much for this records customization AND told us over a year or more to deliver.”  With SOMA Records, agency administrators can configure their own forms, or they can simply contact SOMA Support and one of our reps will handle it over the phone – most of the time, on-the-spot.

Forms are built with simple components like: Text Fields, Textareas, Checkboxes, Select Boxes.  Record schemas even offer more complex components like: Address Fields (Geo-validated), Barcodes, Signature Boxes and now DIAGRAMS!

Diagrams can be added to any record schema, with a per agency, per record diagram toolset.  Crash diagrams, crime scene diagrams, injury diagrams or any diagramming imagined is now possible.  Finally, using the SOMA Reporting engine, you can produce pixel-perfect exports including these new diagrams.  

Check out the short video below where we highlight the new diagramming feature, specifically with how we leverage this feature to capture and export pixel perfect OH-1 (Ohio) Accident/Crash Forms.

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