Florida’s Lee County Port Authority Goes Live with SOMA Global to Elevate Law Enforcement Capabilities with Cutting-Edge Dispatch, Records, and Mobile Solutions

TAMPA, FL -9/29/2023

SOMA Global, a leading provider of advanced public safety software solutions, is excited to announce it has gone live with its cutting-edge computer-aided dispatch, records management system, and mobile solutions at the Lee County Port Authority in Florida.

The Lee County Port Authority is committed to faithfully serve all people they encounter with empathy and compassion. They strive to provide the safest environment in the aviation industry, by proactively detecting and deterring crime and terrorism. They keep in clear sight that it is a privilege and honor to wear a badge and serve the community.

“Throughout the implementation process, due to unforeseen circumstances, we have put very large demands on SOMA Global. SOMA was extremely responsive demonstrating the flexibility, configurability, and strength of both the product and the implementation team. The ability of the team to make changes on the fly during this process was truly impressive.  

We look forward to using the solution and to a long and productive partnership with SOMA Global.,” said Robert Taylor, Deputy Chief of Police, of Lee County Port Authority.

The collaboration between the Lee County Port Authority and SOMA Global marks a significant milestone in the agency’s journey toward adopting forward-thinking technology. By embracing SOMA Global’s suite of solutions, the Port Authority demonstrates its dedication to staying at the forefront of public safety innovation. This partnership not only exemplifies the agency’s commitment to the safety and well-being of Lee County residents but also underscores its proactive approach to modernizing operations to better serve the community’s evolving needs.

Through its partnership with SOMA Global, the Lee County Port Authority is embracing advanced technology to amplify its ability to serve and protect the Lee County community. This integration underscores the agency’s proactive approach to modernizing law enforcement practices for the benefit of its constituents.

For more information about SOMA Global,  please visit somaglobal.com.

About SOMA Global

SOMA Global empowers public safety and government agencies to build safer, more resilient communities through modern technology. The SOMA solution streamlines software with a unified ecosystem of pre-built applications, workflows, automations, and data interoperability. Its enterprise platform includes four key suites – critical response, incident management, courts and corrections, and administrative – that empower state and local organizations with the tools they need to better protect the communities they serve. Find more information about SOMA on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or at www.somaglobal.com.

Find more information about SOMA on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, or at www.somaglobal.com.

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