Introducing PSAAS™

Public Safety as a Service


Law enforcement and other public safety agencies in the U.S. are turning towards new technology to help stop crime and be one step ahead of criminals. With a new generation of millennials entering the workforce and law enforcement agencies, there is an opportunity to leverage their advanced computer knowledge.


Typically, police departments have older and outdated policing technology embedded in their operations. Unfortunately, today’s reality is that the average person and teenager on the street has better technology in his or her pocket than law enforcement officials. Police are typically last on the technology delivery model – consumers and business are first.



SOMA Hub features an innovative cloud-based hub to connect agencies and their data for instant interoperability.


SOMA Dispatch is a cloud-based CAD solution that delivers secure, mission-critical, real-time data to first responders


SOMA Mobile increases the safety and effectiveness of frontline personnel so they can better serve their communities.


SOMA Records is an elegant, very configurable, cloud-based RMS that simplifies, streamlines and optimizes law enforcement data management.


SOMA Jail features a robust, full-featured Jail Management solution tightly integrated to the SOMA Platform.


SOMA Shield helps protect our schools and campuses by notifying resources in an emergency for the quickest response.

SOMA Global is a provider of modern public safety solutions. We redefine how dispatchers, first responders and other public safety personnel work – increasing productivity, reducing error and saving lives.

  • Modern, Cloud Native Apps
  • Secure Access from Any Device
  • Highly Configurable

SOMA Dispatch is a cloud-based CAD solution that delivers secure, mission-critical, real-time data to first responders.

Team SOMA Support Operates by a 5-minute Response Time for its Partners.

 We recognize how mission-critical our technology is and because of that, it’s hugely important we reply to any needs or inquiries swiftly.  Our partners come first and their happiness and safety mean everything to us.  It’s also important to recognize that our Support system is handled by our employees so each of our partners can expect a live person to support them through their questions or concern.


SOMA Global is a team of public safety and technology veterans that understands and respects the value of a partnership with an agency. We believe that together we can redefine and deliver modern, best-of-breed public safety solutions with a primary focus on saving lives and protecting first responders.


The SOMA Platform is a modern public safety solution, built from the ground up on a modern technology stack.


We partner with the most innovative industry associations, technology application and infrastructure providers to offer a world-class service to our agencies.

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