Conover, Long View, Catawba, and Claremont Police Departments in North Carolina Launch SOMA Global’s Record Management System for Enhanced Multi-Jurisdiction Sharing Capabilities

TAMPA, FL -8/10/2023

SOMA Global, a leading provider of advanced public safety software solutions, is excited to announce it has gone live with its cloud-native Records Management System across Catawba County in North Carolina.

Catawba County Sheriff, together with Claremont, Catawba, Conover, and Long View Police Departments, is leading the charge for public safety transformation in North Carolina. By implementing SOMA Global’s Records Management Platform, they break down informational barriers and data silos, enabling multi-jurisdictional data sharing to protect and serve their citizens holistically.

With an unwavering commitment to integrity and transparency, Catawba County maintains the highest level of service to their communities while upholding the morals and ethics expected of law enforcement professionals.

“As I witnessed the dedication and enthusiasm of Catawba County agencies during our onsite training, I couldn’t help but feel immensely proud. Their unwavering commitment to success not only benefits their agencies but more importantly strengthens the safety and well-being of their communities,” said Patrick Higgins, Senior Forward Deployed Engineer at SOMA Global.

The launch of SOMA’s Records Management System promises to revolutionize their operations, empowering real-time data updates, streamlined reporting, robust analytics, and more effective response to incidents and investigations. Centralizing and standardizing data management processes enhances collaboration among departments, leading to improved coordination during critical situations.

Catawba County’s dedication to community safety remains unwavering, and SOMA Global is honored to support them in their mission.  This is a remarkable step forward in the great state of North Carolina when it comes to necessary public safety transformation.

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SOMA Global empowers public safety and government agencies to build safer, more resilient communities through modern technology. The SOMA solution streamlines software with a unified ecosystem of pre-built applications, workflows, automations, and data interoperability. Its enterprise platform includes four key suites – critical response, incident management, courts and corrections, and administrative – that empower state and local organizations with the tools they need to better protect the communities they serve. Find more information about SOMA on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or at

Find more information about SOMA on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, or at

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