Something Big

Changing an industry this important takes an entire team united behind something big. At SOMA, we work hard, we have a lot of fun, we are constantly brainstorming, innovating and breaking molds.

The industry is embracing this change. Agencies are tired of outdated, inefficient and costly software – and they are ready for a big shift. SOMA is growing. We need to build on our core team to continue growing. However, we care to grow our team with the same principles and values that we started with – and the same mission:

Delight our Agencies.
Be indispensable to LEOs and 1st Responders.
Ultimately, SAVE MORE LIVES.

Building a mission critical platform, utilizing the latest technologies, with a goal to SAVE MORE LIVES and reduce crime is a BIG challenge.

  • Our platform doesn’t let you share pictures of your food – the SOMA Platform streams live drone video to first responders in the field and back to dispatchers in the operations center to help catch bad guys faster.
  • Our platform doesn’t create puppy filters for selfies – the SOMA Platform analyzes crime data in real-time to highlight patterns in crime to help predict and prevent crime.
  • Our platform is designed from the bottom up to solve real problems – our team has a background in public safety and law enforcement, plus we partner with the most forward-thinking agencies in the world to drive that design.

If you like big challenges and big changes, check out our current openings below, and join our team.

Greater Sum Ventures Makes Majority Investment in SOMA Global, Pioneering Integrated Cloud-Native Solutions for the Public Safety Sector

Entrepreneurial family office and growth equity firm Greater Sum Ventures (GSV) today announced its majority investment in SOMA Global, a trailblazer in cloud-native public safety software solutions. The investment follows on GSV’s recent acquisition of Utility, Inc., signaling a new advancement in integrated technology solutions for law enforcement and first responders. 

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