SOMA Global Signs Partnership with Orange County Sheriff’s Department to Implement Their Cloud-Native Public Safety Solution in California

TAMPA, FL – 01/18/2022 SOMA Global, a leading provider of Public Safety as a Service (PSAAS™), today announced its partnership with Orange County Sheriff’s Department to implement their industry-leading, cloud-native public safety solution in California.  

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) is committed to providing law enforcement services to the residents of Orange County, CA, an area with 948 square miles and more than 40 miles of the Pacific Ocean coastline. Vast changes have occurred since the county’s inception, growing from population of 13,589 in 1889 to more than 3.1 million in 2019. This dense population makes Orange County the sixth most populous county in the U.S.

The OCSD is among the 10 largest sheriff’s departments in the nation with more than 3,800 sworn and professional staff and 800 reserve personnel. The department consists of six organizational commands comprising 23 divisions. In combination, they provide services including land, air, and sea-based patrol, custody operations, investigative services, emergency management, coroner services, forensicsm and specialty operations, among an extensive list of other public safety services.

“The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is looking forward to the partnership with the SOMA Global team. We will have software solutions that better support our personnel to carry out the department’s mission to keep our community safe through this partnership. We are excited about the potential for the future and the ability to share information with our partner agencies seamlessly.” Dave Fontneur, CIO/Director of Technology, OCSD.

SOMA’s commitment to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department is to work as both their strategic and technology partner by launching the SOMA Platform beginning with the implementation of SOMA Jail, followed by SOMA Records, SOMA Dispatch, and as a first, SOMA Overwatch (real-time crime & fusion center). The Sheriff’s Department’s ciritcal need is SOMA’s work mission – to establish a partnership providing public safety software that streamlines critical communications.

“Having the opportunity to partner with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department is invigorating,” said Peter Quintas, Co-Founder and CEO of SOMA Global. “Departments like the Orange County Sheriff’s Department desire a more cultivated and configurable software solution which they can depend on to better serve their people, and we are firmly committed to serving that critical need. We are excited to work together on this impactful implementation that will help keep their public safety personnel and communities safe.”

In service to more than 3.1 million residents of Orange County, OCSD is a highly professional organization that continues in its traditional role of crime suppression and has its visionary sights fixed on technology enhancements aiding department staff in both crime suppression and prevention. SOMA Global is proud to partner with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department as it pivots towards new technology to help mitigate crime. Additionally, with a new generation of millennials entering the workforce and law enforcement agencies, there is an opportunity to leverage their advanced computer knowledge.

With always-on, live technical support and ongoing partner collaboration, SOMA is dedicated to doing its part to ensure officers and all first responders get home safely every day.

About SOMA Global

SOMA Global was founded in 2017 to redefine and deliver modern, best-of-breed public safety solutions with a primary focus on saving lives and protecting first responders. SOMA Global is a team of public safety and technology veterans that understands and respects the value of a partnership with an agency. Their Public Safety as a Service (PSAAS™) platform offers the best Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mobile Dispatch, Records Management and Jail solutions on the market. Find more information about SOMA on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or at

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