SOMA Global Announces SOMA Safe, a Smartwatch Device Integration to Improve First Responder Safety

SOMA Safe directly connects with first responders leveraging GPS-enabled smartwatch functionality to directly connect with their location in real-time, particularly in emergencies.

TAMPA, FL – 06/16/2021 SOMA Global, the leading provider of cloud-native, Public Safety as a Service (PSAAS™), is testing with its agency partners an innovative smartwatch integration targeted for general availability later this year.  The SOMA Safe solution will bring increased visibility to locate first responder personnel during times of heightened stress and need. 

There is nothing more important in public safety than law enforcement and first responder safety. Many public safety agencies are limited in their technology to have real-time location access to their personnel in the field; with the SOMA Platform and SOMA Safe, this limitation is minimized.  When an officer or responder is separated from their vehicle, typically there is no way to track their location, when it’s needed most.

“Every second is critical when first responders need help in emergencies. Location detection is paramount to ensure the necessary response constituents can locate, reach, and help an officer quickly in need of assistance,” said Nick Stohlman, CCO and Co-Founder of SOMA Global.  

SOMA saw a need within their agency partners to have a rapid ability to locate an officer and communicate with them in situations when their in-car or radio communication access was limited. With SOMA Safe, in-field personnel will have the ability, with a single click on their smartwatch, to activate immediate communication with dispatchers and fellow first responders.

Key Features 

  • WatchOS GPS enabled status and emergency application
  • Two-way integrated communications in real-time, anywhere
  • Ability to update status (i.e. on-scene, en-route, etc.)
  • Immediate notification when / where help is needed
  • Monitor officer biometrics during critical incidents

“Combined with our full suite, emergency response ecosystem, SOMA Safe reduces location response times and streamlines information exchange in critical moments”, said Stohlman.  SOMA is exceptionally proud of this product evolution.  As technology continues to evolve, public safety technology adoption must evolve to take advantage of the best tools to ensure officer and first responder safety.

We invite your agency to reach out for a complimentary technical, operational assessment of your agency and its intelligence, investigations, and response readiness. Ultimately the best way to protect our communities is to help you analyze and choose the right technology solution for your needs.

About SOMA Global

SOMA Global was founded in 2017 to redefine and deliver modern, best-of-breed public safety solutions with a primary focus on saving lives and protecting first responders. SOMA Global is a team of public safety and technology veterans that understands and respects the value of a partnership with an agency. Their Public Safety as a Service (PSAAS™) platform offers the best Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mobile Dispatch, Records Management and Jail solutions on the market. Find more information about SOMA on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or at

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