Polk County Sheriff’s Office Enters Into an Agreement with SOMA Global to Provide Public Safety Technology Solutions for All Polk County Public Safety Agencies

TAMPA, FL – 02/04/2021 SOMA Globala leading provider of Public Safety as a Service (PSAAS™), today announced that Polk County, Florida, under the leadership of Sheriff Grady Judd, is to provide a single, modern public safety platform for all county public safety agencies. The agreement includes a “piggyback” option to ease procurement for all county and other public sector agencies. 

“The Polk County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Grady Judd have always been leaders in law enforcement innovation,” said Peter Quintas, Founder and CEO of SOMA Global. “We plan on making the Polk County Sheriff’s Office a model and reference site for all public safety agencies.”

The SOMA Platform allows for deployment in a cloud-native environment with the highest Service-Level Agreement (SLA) and uptime offered in the industry. The platform features:

  • Securely searching and sharing crime data from anywhere, in any browser;
  • Fully configurable data management of all system records;
  • Multi-jurisdictional and advanced data sharing features for a complete operating picture; and
  • Advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms for smart policing.

“The SOMA partnership replaces a technologically adequate, but aging system with the most modern technology on the market. Polk County’s public safety agencies will continue to innovate and lead the way in policing and public safety technology with SOMA as our partner. We know that SOMA has deep company experience in law enforcement and they have a unique understanding of our needs—we will be able to leverage their technology to keep Polk County safe and provide the best possible environment for a rich and healthy quality of life for our citizens and visitors,” said Sheriff Grady Judd.

Under the agreement, SOMA will provide cloud-native Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mobile Apps, Robust Records Management and Jail Management solutions to all county agencies. The goal is to promote and expand data sharing as a model regionally and statewide on SOMA’s advanced platform.

About SOMA Global

SOMA Global was founded in 2017 to redefine and deliver modern, best-of-breed public safety solutions with a primary focus on saving lives and protecting first responders. SOMA Global is a team of public safety and technology veterans that understands and respects the value of a partnership with an agency. Their Public Safety as a Service (PSAAS™) platform offers the best Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mobile Dispatch, Records Management and Jail solutions on the market. Find more information about SOMA on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or at www.somaglobal.com.

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