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Q2 2023

As we reflect on the remarkable journey of Q2 2023, we at SOMA Global are delighted to share that it has been a truly transformative quarter. We have witnessed firsthand the power of our public safety solutions in shaping the future of law enforcement, emergency services, and community safety. From innovative software enhancements to impactful partnerships, Q2 has been a period of growth, resilience, and collaboration. We take immense pride in supporting the front-line professionals who tirelessly serve their communities, and it is their dedication that inspires us to continue pushing boundaries and revolutionizing public safety technology.

How SOMA is Safeguarding Sensitive Information

We are excited to announce a significant upgrade to our system, specifically designed to prioritize data security and compliance. With the recent addition of CJIS/HIPAA Permissions, we have taken a significant step in safeguarding sensitive information within our critical response platform. Authorized users can now seamlessly access and review confidential data while maintaining the highest level of protection. This feature ensures that only individuals with proper authorization have the ability to view sensitive information, creating a secure environment for critical data management. By implementing CJIS/HIPAA Permissions, we aim to address regulatory requirements and provide our users with enhanced control over data access and privacy. This advancement reinforces our commitment to maintaining the utmost security standards and ensures compliance with CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations.

SOMA Global Successfully Achieves SOC 2 Type II Compliance

SOMA Global, a leading provider of public safety software, announced today that they have successfully achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance, demonstrating their commitment to data security and privacy for their public safety partners.

Welcome Chris Maloney:

Industry-Proven CEO Took the Helm at SOMA

Chris, as the former founder of TriTech Software Systems which eventually became Central Square Technologies, what inspired you to take on the role of CEO at SOMA Global?

I have always been deeply passionate about public safety software and the potential of our technology to make a meaningful impact in this field. When I learned about SOMA Global’s unwavering mission to transform public safety technology into the cloud with all the benefits it has to offer and improve the safety and lives of front-line professionals and their communities, I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Having served on SOMA’s board for the past two years I knew the alignment of my passion, expertise, and SOMA’s vision made it the perfect fit for me to contribute to this important cause in a more meaningful and hands-on way. At TriTech we created the largest and most successful public safety software company in the world. Very few of us get to do that twice.

How do you envision SOMA Global making a difference in the public safety industry?

At SOMA Global, we are leveraging cloud-based low code technology to create solutions that are much quicker to deploy, easier to support and that provide vastly improved solutions in the field. These new age tools have the power to revolutionize public safety technology by delivering innovative solutions that streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and improve overall safety outcomes. Deployments take days instead of months, fixes are in hours instead of months and we can diagnose painful client issues in minutes. That’s what this industry wants and needs.

What excites you the most about leading SOMA Global?

The most exciting aspect of leading SOMA Global is our team and our products. For the first time in many years a company in our space has the opportunity to drive real change. We have a talented team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about creating transformative solutions and have decades of real world experience in public safety as police officers, firefighters and EMTs. This highly qualified team is harnessing the power of technology to empower front-line professionals and enhancing the safety and well-being of the communities we serve. The potential for impact and the chance to shape the future of public safety technology is incredibly motivating and invigorating. It’s pretty heady to be back in the seat and working with such a great team!

How do you plan to foster innovation within SOMA Global?

Innovation is at the core of our mission at SOMA Global. To foster a culture of innovation, I believe in encouraging creativity, embracing new ideas, and providing an environment that nurtures experimentation and continuous improvement. In reality, nothing really good comes from a bunch of engineers sitting around dreaming about the next big thing. Real innovation happens when a stellar team collaborates with a stellar partner/client to create something truly transformative. That’s what’s really impressed me about the SOMA mission. We did that and now I get to execute on that vision. How cool is that?

What message would you like to convey to the public safety community about SOMA Global's commitment?

SOMA is the real deal and we have people here who care about what our clients do to their core. It shows in how we create product, deliver on our implementations and support our clients to help them in achieving their mission. At SOMA I don’t have to convince our folks to do the right thing. They’re already waking up and delivering a solution to a code red at 2:00am long before I even hear about it. The cloud lets us connect to our clients instantly when they need help and deliver a fix to their problem within minutes. That doesn’t happen with other companies in our space. That commitment to our clients is uniquely “SOMA”.

Chris Maloney brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for public safety and technology to his role as CEO of SOMA Global. With his leadership, SOMA Global is poised to transform the public safety tech landscape, driving innovation, and making a lasting impact on the lives of front-line professionals and the communities they serve.

Partner Success

SOMA Global, a premier provider of cloud-native technology solutions for critical response and operating software, is proud to announce its implementation with Indiana Gaming Commission for its Records Management System, replacing antiquated software and outdated paper processes.

“Our new CAD system is now 6X faster than the previous system, which was a significant pain point for BCSO.”
Jamey Schumaker
IT Manager at BCSO

Public Safety Software News

Everyone is On Jumping on Threads - Is It In Your Future?

Is the Threads app a game-change in public safety tech? The verdict is still out and the app poses some security concerns.  Threads is a new app, built by Instagram for sharing text updates and joining public conversations.

Case Study:

Buckingham County Sheriff’s Office and SOMA Global: A Partnership for a Faster and More Reliable CAD System


Join our Breaking Boundaries Webinar hosted by Police1 on July 25th.  Register here to learn about the transformative power of cloud-native technology in supporting law enforcement, dispatchers, firefighters, and EMS.

SOMA Global has published our first eBook in partnership with Police1. Click here to learn about The Power of Modernization – how cloud-technology can help law enforcement overcome common challenges.

As we conclude this newsletter, we are thrilled to leave you with a quote from our CEO, Chris Maloney, on what Q3 holds for SOMA Global: 

“Q3 will be a time of accelerated progress and unwavering commitment to our mission. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results and fostering referenceability, where our satisfied partners become our advocates, sharing their success stories and driving further innovation in the public safety community.  We are focused on taking new customers’ lives to transform the way they protect and serve their communities.”

Together, we will continue to make a lasting impact on the safety and lives of front-line professionals.