Introducing SOMA

Law enforcement and other public safety agencies in the U.S. are turning towards new technology to help stop crime and be one step ahead of criminals. With a new generation of millennials entering the workforce and law enforcement agencies, there is an opportunity to leverage their advanced computer knowledge.

Typically, police departments have older and outdated policing technology embedded in their operations.  Rick Smith, CEO of TASER International has said that the average person on the street has better gadgets in his or her pocket than law enforcement officials.  “Police are on a last technology delivery model,” Smith added. “Consumers and business are on the first.”

SOMA Global was founded to change this.  

SOMA Global is a team of public safety and technology veterans that understands and respects the value of a partnership with an agency.  We believe that together we can redefine and deliver modern, best-of-breed public safety solutions with a primary focus on saving lives and protecting first responders.

We not only have extensive public safety experience, but we also have a team that has built other modern, scalable and highly available applications for multiple industries.  SOMA has applied this knowledge and experience to deliver the most robust and flexible cloud-based public safety platform ever built.

We invite you to reach out to us for a complimentary technical and operational assessment of your agency.  Ultimately the best way to protect our communities is to help you analyze and choose the right solution for your needs.

How New Technologies Can Support Recruitment and Retention Efforts for Public Safety Agencies

In today’s rapidly changing world, public safety agencies face a number of challenges when it comes to recruitment and retention of police officers. Low salaries, long hours, and dangerous working conditions are just a few of the reasons why many individuals may be hesitant to pursue a career in law enforcement. However, the adoption of new technologies can help to address some of these challenges and support recruitment and retention efforts for police departments.

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