FBINAA Florida Chapter Conference Afterglow

Over the past weekend, SOMA attended its first conference as a new Business Partner to the FBINAA. On behalf of our entire company, we would like to thank the FBINAA Florida Chapter for hosting a stellar event. A special thanks to Lt. Colonel Tim Cannon, Major Patty Wells and Chief Joey Reynolds for inviting SOMA to participate. It was a productive weekend as we learned a lot, made new connections and built new relationships that will strengthen our partnership in the coming years. We are honored to be serving such a fine organization and look forward to working together.

Congrats to Chief Joe Monroe from University of Kentucky for winning a new Apple TV! For those we missed at this conference, we are looking forward to seeing you at the FBINAA National Conference in Washington, DC in July.

More info to come…



How New Technologies Can Support Recruitment and Retention Efforts for Public Safety Agencies

In today’s rapidly changing world, public safety agencies face a number of challenges when it comes to recruitment and retention of police officers. Low salaries, long hours, and dangerous working conditions are just a few of the reasons why many individuals may be hesitant to pursue a career in law enforcement. However, the adoption of new technologies can help to address some of these challenges and support recruitment and retention efforts for police departments.

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