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Slightly over a year ago, I undertook a new project with @NickStohlman Nick Stohlman to modernize public safety. Quick background…

Nick and I met years ago working for another public safety vendor and kept in touch. I had moved on to other projects only to circle back years later to find that the industry was in the exact same place I left it — only worse. Technology hadn’t moved, the vendors had consolidated, and agencies were left underserved. A typical kid on the street has more access to technology than a typical law enforcement officer.

SOMA Global was founded to change this.

Our mission is to delight our agencies, be indespensible to LEOs and 1st Responders. Ultimately, SAVE MORE LIVES.

Fast forward and my experience in the first year into our mission has had a profound and unexpected effect on me. In a modern world where the media scrutenizes law enforcement and paints them in a bad light, I have never had more respect and more appreciation for their service. I feel an immense amount of humility in the company’s role to service our first responders — that humility is grows on a daily basis working with them.

In addition to the technology platform that SOMA provides, we have decided to broaden our service to the public safety industry through this publication.

The mission of 10-Eight is to build a network of public safety professionals and share their stories so that others can appreciate their work as I do. Here are the types of posts to expect on this publication:

  • Industry News and Trends — All the latest news and interesting trends.
  • Technology News and Trends — Review and comment on public safety technologies and direction.
  • “Conversations” — interviews, profiles, videos and podcasts with those on the front lines.

Nick and I will be contributing to this publication, but we also will invite others in the industry to contribute as well. We are excited to share more. Please follow us on Medium, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 10-Eight.com — We are now In-Service.

Greater Sum Ventures Makes Majority Investment in SOMA Global, Pioneering Integrated Cloud-Native Solutions for the Public Safety Sector

Entrepreneurial family office and growth equity firm Greater Sum Ventures (GSV) today announced its majority investment in SOMA Global, a trailblazer in cloud-native public safety software solutions. The investment follows on GSV’s recent acquisition of Utility, Inc., signaling a new advancement in integrated technology solutions for law enforcement and first responders. 

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