Critical Response Suite



A suite of applications and tools for communication centers and first responders to help deploy the most effective resources and procedures for every critical situation.

Critical Response Key Applications

Cloud-native CAD solution that delivers secure, mission-critical real-time data to first responders.  Given the consistent demands of a 911 dispatch center continually growing, SOMA has built a highly visual, automation-capable, communication-centric application with the dispatcher’s workload in mind. 

SOMA Mobile is built with first responder safety at the forefront. Ensuring our frontlines get the most accurate, real-time information available to control the variables of an incident is the primary operational focus of the Mobile application.

Built for

  • Emergency Communication Centers
  • First Responders
  • Real Time Crime Centers

Our Critical Response Suite is designed to work for you, not the other way around. It serves to adapt to your agency’s specific needs and workflows. Our system enables you to seamlessly share data across a unified environment within your organization to 3rd party vendors, government, and regulatory entities.

Serve your organization’s needs by reducing wasted time and work for your teams and IT staff, allowing them to focus on other priorities and within their communities where their time is needed.

By proactively suggesting the agency configured dispatch plans, SOMA decreases time to dispatch while lowering the cognitive load of a dispatcher, bringing about a healthier workforce. SOMA Global operates on serverless technology with 99.999% reliability.

Critical Response FEATURES

Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)

In emergencies, every second counts, and providing the appropriate resources as swiftly as possible may be the difference between life and death. The SOMA CAD system offers agencies accurate, reliable, and secure information when front-line professionals depend on it most.

Mobile (Responder) Dispatch

No matter the location or device, SOMA Mobile brings real-time data to first responders and dispatchers during the moments that matter. From routable mapping and vehicle tracking to CAD, RMS, and CJIS data enabling better incident and scene understanding and awareness to protect officer and citizen safety.

Mapping and Video

Mapping and video capabilities have significantly evolved giving agencies the ability to better integrate and display GIS mapping layers within CAD. SOMA’s mapping gives dispatchers a plethora of critical information at quick glance including unit display icons, call location validation, call events or code changes and layering views.

Dispatch Procedures

Procedures and protocols may be defined by the agency to meet their needs. These procedures allow 911 operators to access vital historical data, it helps the emergency call taker know exactly where help is needed, and provides the dispatcher with information to keep officers safe.

Response Management

Our platform enables officers, firefighters and EMS the ability to quickly communicate with dispatch and seamlessly capture critical field information on-the-go.

Situational Awareness

Anything can happen in a moment’s time. Responders need the right information, every time. Coordinate quicker responses, location and status information while maximizing interoperability between agencies, systems and databases to keep everyone safe and connected in real time.


Built-on AWS GovCloud
Empowering public safety and government agencies to build safer, more resilient communities through modern technology.

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