Federal and State standards, Standard Operating Procedures all adapt, shouldn’t your platform?

SOMA takes the next step ensuring your software evolves with your agency needs. From intake to release, we offer a new standard to enable automated and adaptable workflow processes to grow with your correctional operations. SOMA Corrections is built for agencies large or small and serves as an integrated solution connecting justice and public safety while securely enabling real-time access to mission critical information.

With quick-search navigation officers can search hundreds of millions of records in real-time.

Built for

  • Courts
  • Public Safety
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  • Agencies

Courts & Corrections FEATURES


With resource constraints and staff reductions, officers need swift access to begin an inmate’s booking file before departing a scene. With the click of a button, officers can transfer important arrest information to the corrections facility from any device to generate a booking record. Officers may also review criminal backgrounds or check warrants, so front-line personnel can appropriately handle any situation.

You serve our community with finite resources and a public expectation of expediency. Booking is a chain reaction, and SOMA is built to streamline these events. Swift access to unified data allows officers to move issues from the streets to the cell quickly. Cutting out countless paper forms and streamlining to one-time system entry ensures quality of data and slashes the rising cost of paper. Field officers can review criminal backgrounds, check warrants, then import arrest information for the corrections deputies to review before the car hits the sally port.

Expediting the intake workflow reduces the probability of incidents during processing and keeps your agency where it needs you most, on patrol.

Civil Papers

Transparency, the demand of the communities and municipalities you protect, is consistently rising while agencies combat the ever-looming struggle of staffing. SOMA Civil Papers centralize securely accessible documentation, including records, warrants, body-worn/dash cam video, and surveillance from anywhere/anytime. As a result, your agency can quickly recall, review and distribute information in seconds. Providing transparency demands a fraction of the time and workforce needed to keep your community’s confidence high.

Jail Management

SOMA Corrections allows for the complete unification of data to empower your agency to make complex decisions, from arrest to release, in seconds. Your secure data becomes a tool empowering you to leverage adaptable workflow tools to lessen burdens on staff, all while unifying clean data to ensure safety, transparency, and optimal correctional conditions. SOMA Corrections is a sure way to become a beacon for correctional operations saving time and talent through optimization.


Civil and Courts Processing

Every modification, and every entry, is tracked via secure logging. SOMA Civil & Courts supports your data’s chain of custody from start to finish. Data is the life source of decision-making and the key to keeping our communities safe.

SOMA renders prescriptive and predictive decision-making possible at the highest level by ensuring data integrity, allowing agencies and municipalities to quickly access and deliver data needed to make decisions with less paper and staffing with absolute confidence.

Integrated Processing and Transparency

Better organization leads to streamlined compliance and efficiency. SOMA’s cloud-stored systems reduce the risk of data loss and redundant software costs while giving visibility based on permissions to users. This reduces barriers between systems and personnel, enabling necessary collaboration.


The starting line to a lean organization is the SOMA Platform, a solution that empowers a mindset change. Unified data, adaptive workflows, integrated systems, streamlined compliance, and efficiency all combat costs and human capital tension by reducing the risk of data loss. You lean out redundant hardware/software costs while giving visibility and agility to your agency. Let SOMA remove the barriers between systems and personnel, reducing the mental stress of your force.

Expedite in-field to corrections facility hand-offs with minimal delays and maintain data integrity.


Built-on AWS GovCloud
By proactively suggesting the agency configured dispatch plans SOMA decreases time to dispatch while lowering the cognitive load of a dispatcher, bringing about a healthier workforce. SOMA Global operates on serverless technology with 99.999% reliability.

Courts & Corrections Key Applications

SOMA Corrections is the most comprehensive JMS tool on the market, ensuring a data-centric inmate lifecycle. Our application intently focuses beyond your typical incarceration lifecycle. Leveraging a unified data model you can now handle more than just the average inmate tracking.

Empowering public safety and government agencies to build safer, more resilient communities through modern technology.

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