A collection of modern and intuitive tools for managing operations and administrative services across your public safety enterprise. Enable your organization to manage its own administrative systems in the most efficient and dependable manner.

Built for

  • Administrative Service Officials
  • Human Resources
  • Public Information Offices

Stay connected with front-line professionals, responders, and your communities with a unified, flexible and connected solution. Configure your platform to include the fields, attributes, workflows, rules and validations your agency needs to operate effectively.

Age-old public safety software solutions are inflexible, outdated, and cause significant issues with integrations and operational efficiencies; learn more about how SOMA Global can help you today.

Critical Response Key Application

SOMA Hub is a highly configurable analytic-based records dashboard that agencies can leverage to increase productivity/visibility across their organization. Agencies may use the Hub to create group-level dashboards to ensure data is in clear sight of the right eyes every time.

Administrative Suite FEATURES

  • Quartermaster
  • Fleet
  • Personnel and Property Management
  • Supply Management and Inventory Control
  • FOIA Management
  • Civic Services and Engagement
  • Aviation Management
  • Social Services
  • Code Compliance
  • Internal Operations
  • Chain of Custody
  • Personnel and Property Management
  • Firearms
  • FOIA Management
  • Safety Permits
  • Code Enforcement
  • Resident Relationship Management
  • Records and Stats Transparency
  • Public Portal
  • Training and Certifications
  • API Integration Ability


Built-on AWS GovCloud

Modernizing policing tactics and operations, not just software.

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