SOMA Shield

SOMA Shield helps protect our schools and campuses by notifying resources in an emergency for the quickest response.

Automated Notifications

SOMA Shield is built to protect our children by allowing a quicker response to thwart life-threatening situations. It automatically distributes real-time notifications to law enforcement, school personnel, and even students.

Any Device, Anywhere

Alarms can be triggered automatically by any device or manually through any browser, a mobile app, or even a small wireless, battery-powered button. The goal is a quick response, triggered anytime, anywhere.

"All Safe"

SOMA Shield facilitates a quick response, but part of a response includes accounting for all involved. Our system’s notifications allow for an “All Safe” acknowledgement so that those handling and responding can also resolve quickly.

Anonymous Tips

The ideal way to thwart a life-threatening situation is to prevent it. The system features secure, anonymous tip forms that are available through any browser or an installed mobile app, accessible by students and school personnel.

Alarm Integration

Instant, automatic alarms are most effective. SOMA Shield offers an open API and SDK to integrate with all off-the-shelf alarm systems and devices, including access control systems, video surveillance and gunshot detection.

CAD Integration

The best response is from trained law enforcement. SOMA Shield integrates directly with any CAD System to “Call 911” when an alarm is triggered and share alarm information instantly with dispatchers.