SOMA Jail features a robust inmate and Jail Management solution tightly integrated to the SOMA Platform.

Inmate Management

SOMA Jail is built on SOMA Records, featuring flexible records configuration for robust inmate management. An easy, configurable booking interface integrates across previous bookings, arrest and master name records.

One-Click Booking

Whether a booking officer is in a prior booking record or an arrest record, generating a new booking is as simple as one-click. All prior, relevant inmate and arrest info is copied into the record for quick verification and entry.

Medical, Mental, Risk

Many agencies and states require various assessments during intake. Our assessment module starts with boilerplate questions to determine medical issues, mental issues or inmate risk to correctly classify on intake.

Flexible Housing

Whether your system includes a Building, Pod, Block, or Cell. SOMA Jail allows an administrator to configure the housing hierarchy of choice. The SOMA Jail module works around the way that you work and manage your jail.

Full Commissary

SOMA Jail includes a full commissary module that features a flexible configuration for available commissary items. Other features include account ledgers, transaction receipts, digital signatures and an inmate deposit portal.

Intelligent Lineups

SOMA Records employs integrated facial recognition on images when a mugshot is uploaded to the system. Instead of using arbitrary feature-based searching, SOMA Jail uses advanced AI to generate the best digital lineup.