SOMA Hub features an innovative cloud-native hub to connect agencies and their data for instant interoperability.

Robust Data Sharing

SOMA Hub features an innovative cloud-based hub to connect agencies and their data. The architecture distributes and federates searches across agency systems, internet and social media instantly to bring that disparate data into one place.

Real-Time Alerts

Agencies interested in a particular record, for example a person-of-interest, can subscribe to that data and be alerted when there is new information available. Alerts work through web, SMS and mobile push notifications.

Web, Mobile-First

The application is designed to give agencies and first responders instant access to data from anywhere. SOMA Hub offers web, mobile web and native mobile apps for maximum accessibility in an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

CAD, RMS, Fire & more

All major CAD, RMS, Fire, EMS, Jail and Mobile systems are supported through a simple configuration. SOMA Hub can also integrate search capabilities to your existing clients for quick access from the application you use most.

Bi-Directional Integration

When shared data is discovered from another agency, SOMA Hub allows for a one-click import to pull that data directly into your system. SOMA Hub can also be configured to automatically import new data based on custom search criteria.

Secure & Scalable

The SOMA Cloud addresses a broad range of compliance and security. Our cloud does not store any agency data and encrypts all data when transmitted. The architecture is built to automatically scale-up in an incident response.