SOMA Dispatch

SOMA Dispatch is a cloud-native CAD solution that delivers secure, mission-critical, real-time data to first responders.

Advanced Technology

SOMA Dispatch is the most advanced Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system with an unrivaled feature set, flexible user interface and robust administrative control. Its built on an industry-leading, disaster­ tolerant architecture right out of the box. 

Fully Customizable

SOMA Dispatch is flexible, operates in multi-jurisdictional or multi-agency environments and is ready to help navigate the impending challenges of Next Generation 9-1-1. Our solution adapts to an individual’s work settings with a fully customizable user interface. SOMA Dispatch gives you full administrative control for a command line, drag-and-drop and map-centric user interface that accommodates the way you work.

Mobile Ready

SOMA Dispatch extends access to its powerful feature set to all emergency responders in a seamless intuitive interface on your MDT, Android, iOS smartphone and tablet device. You can take advantage of silent dispatch, messaging and create self-initiated calls for service. Utilizing our powerful mapping dispatch tools, you will benefit from our integrated routing to ensure quickest response time and accurate arrival.

Computer Screen with Maps

Dispatch Maps

Built off the power of ESRI base mapping, Dispatch Maps is fast and precise, meeting the demands of the 911 center and public safety professionals.

Smart Maps

We are visual, seeing is understanding. Dispatch Maps takes you to the call and shows you the resources available to respond. We also report estimated drive time for assigned units and units within proximity. Our solution makes smart suggestions considering all data available – proximity, drive time, and fully customizable jurisdictional and agency dispatch plans.

Multiple Map Views

Multiple Map Views (MMV) provide the call taker/dispatcher multiple, separate views of the incident location, units on scene, units in route, and units available. End users can drill down to center of incident or see a birds-eye view of incident. Maps can be arranged in a tab view or a grid view, to maximize single map viewing or simultaneous viewing across multiple maps.

Automatic Vehicle Locator

Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) is not only for all your public safety vehicles within your jurisdiction, but handles multi- jurisdiction tracking. Dispatch Maps AVL also gives drive distance and time for all units dispatched to scene plus any units located within proximity of the incident. During pursuit mode, it tracks the unit real time with continuous lat, long coordinates.