icon for SOMA Dispatch

Computer-Aided Dispatch

SOMA Dispatch is a cloud-based CAD solution that delivers secure, mission-critical, real-time data to first responders.

Icon for Mobile Dispatch

Mobile Dispatch

SOMA Mobile increases the safety and effectiveness of frontline personnel so they can better serve their communities.

Icon for Interoperability

Data Interoperability

SOMA Hub features an innovative cloud-based hub to connect agencies and their data for instant interoperability.

Icon for Records Management

Records Management

SOMA Records is an elegant, very configurable, cloud-based RMS that simplifies, streamlines and optimizes law enforcement data management.

Icon Jail Management

Jail Management

SOMA Jail features a robust, full-featured Jail Management solution tightly integrated to the SOMA Platform.

Icon for School Safety

School Safety

SOMA Shield helps protect our schools and campuses by notifying resources in an emergency for the quickest response.