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SOMA Global :

Redefining the Way Public Safety Works

Establishing public safety in a community requires organizations to communicate and interact with each other to adequately manage and provide safety without risks. However, the changing security environment adds to the challenge and a smarter approach is no more inevitable. First responders risk their lives every day to keep public communities safe but so often public safety agencies are relying upon outdated legacy systems. With SOMA Global, a leading provider of Public Safety as a Service, public safety organizations can increase reliability to 99.999%, an industry first. As a result, it simplifies public safety and the risk of first responders. SOMA Global adopts a cloudnative approach for enhancing public safety operations. “Our partnership with AWS allows us to continue quickly innovating to meet the needs of CAD, RMS, mobile dispatch, and jail management system need giving public safety personnel the vital information they need to respond safely and effectively,” begins Peter Quintas, Founder & CEO, SOMA Global.

At SOMA, the team provides a platform ecosystem that is highly configurable, accessible, and reliable. When working with mission-critical applications like Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records, Jail, Mobile, etc. SOMA recognizes how important a dependable standard of reliability is. AWS has played a critical role in the company’s mission to transform public safety technology. “We are empowering public safety agencies to better serve their communities with modernized technology solutions. Soma’s technology works for you, not the other way around,” adds Quintas.

The SOMA Global Platform is a server-less ecosystem that can be deployed more quickly than legacy public safety systems. Furthermore, most system updates and changes can be completed in a matter of hours and days rather than weeks or months. Application changes are made incrementally and there are no disruptive, time-consuming upgrades. Another core offering from the company is their SOMA Hub that features an innovative cloud-based hub to connect agencies and their data for instant interoperability and seamless dashboard views of data connected throughout the ecosystem of integrations.

SOMA Dispatch is a cloud-native CAD solution that delivers secure, mission-critical, real-time data to first responders. Whereas, SOMA Records offers an intuitive, highly configurable, cloud-based RMS that simplifies, streamlines, and optimizes law enforcement data management. The company also provides SOMA Mobile which increases the safety and effectiveness of frontline personnel so they can better serve their communities anytime, anywhere. SOMA Jail features a robust, full-featured Jail Management solution tightly integrated into the SOMA Platform. Meanwhile, SOMA Safe is a smartwatch device integration to improve first responder safety. “Our modern public safety platform is configurable to meet today’s unique needs of an effective response and allows for accessibility from any device, anywhere. Where legacy systems are rigid, largely inaccessible, and simply a burden in an agency’s operations, the SOMA Platform offers simple, powerful applications that assist our law enforcement and first responders,” adds Quintas.

Today, the SOMA team leads with experience and has built a platform with a team with a deep background as prior law enforcement and first responders. SOMA Global is really encouraged by its future, both here in the U.S. and abroad. They have a remarkable team of talent and amazing investors and board members that support them every day. “We are innovating at great speeds with solutions like SOMA Safe and SOMA Overwatch to ensure our solutions meet the need of our agency partners. Leveraging IoT and wearable technologies to improve officer safety is a focal point of the SOMA Platform over the next 12 months,” concludes Quintas.

Empowering Public Safety Agencies to
Better Serve Our Communities


SOMA Hub features an innovative cloud-based hub to connect agencies and their data for instant interoperability.


SOMA Dispatch is a cloud-based CAD solution that delivers secure, mission-critical, real-time data to first responders


SOMA Mobile increases the safety and effectiveness of frontline personnel so they can better serve their communities.


SOMA Records is an elegant, very configurable, cloud-based RMS that simplifies, streamlines and optimizes law enforcement data management.


SOMA Jail features a robust, full-featured Jail Management solution tightly integrated to the SOMA Platform.


SOMA Shield helps protect our schools and campuses by notifying resources in an emergency for the quickest response.

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