Records Management

SOMA Records

SOMA Records is an elegant, cloud-based RMS that simplifies, streamlines and optimizes law enforcement data management.

Robust Records Management

SOMA Records provides the most robust Records Management System in the industry. We make sense of the data you capture in real-time by applying use of a built-in analytics engine.  We couple integrated GIS maps for visual understanding of criminal activity within your jurisdiction. Your command staff is able to manage and deploy the needed assets and resources to effectively implement “Smart Policing”. Your agency will reduce crime and operate in a proactive-versus-reactive approach in order to effectively combat the trends and patterns of criminals.

Case Management

SOMA Records provides the platform for your Investigators and Special Investigative units to manage your agency’s SOP for handling criminal investigations. Creating assignments, tasks and notes in a case are handled in an intuitive workflow.  Notifications for completion of cases are automatically pushed to supervisors and other team members.  Tracking hours and cost for your agency on each case is easy and frictionless. Internal Affairs, Juvenile and Narcotics data is kept secure and separate in the system but still accessible by those with permission.

Insights & Analytics

SOMA Records sorts and processes your agency’s data in real-time as it is entered into the system. We make analytics simple with key insights that are easily consumed daily.  Our robust analytics engine provides end users and your management, up-to-the-minute information for accurate reporting. Based on real-time and historical data, your personnel will see trends and patterns that will highlight recurrence of a type of crime, locations of crimes, and peak crime hours. Putting you in front of the crime is how we give you the ability to migrate to a proactive policing force.

Integrated Maps

Embedded throughout the SOMA Platform, GIS maps are also utilized within RMS to aid the visualization of crime trends and patterns. As people and places are entered into SOMA Records, the last known addresses and historical incident locations are available in our GIS maps for QMV (Quick Map View).  Incidents, citations and accidents are also displayed in SOMA Records GIS map layers.

UCR/NIBRS Reporting

SOMA Records starts the validation of your records from point of entry. The system is designed to lock down user defined and DOJ required fields to ensure mandatory information is entered, resulting in error free reporting to State and DOJ. Accurate crime data and statistics will fully reflect the efforts of your agency’s proactive policing practices and positive results within your community.

Resource Management

SOMA Records manages your resources by providing a built-in roll call and scheduling system. We quickly identify your agency’s assets and personnel for shift scheduling. Manage your agency’s overtime and extra-duty assignments. Easily set and keep up with officer court dates and subpoena requests. Schedule and track training and recertification times for your staff. Assign and track assets issued to personnel.